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  雅思写作优秀开头介绍整理。例如在写关于该不该禁烟的话题时,可以这样开头:A recent study conducted by Zhongshan University

  雅思写作优秀开头介绍整理。例如在写关于该不该禁烟的话题时,可以这样开头:A recent study conducted by Zhongshan Universityhas





  found that the number of smokers has been increasing sharply over the pastfive

  years. Research findings also reveal that the incidence ofsmoking-related

  conditions has soared. As a result, the ban on smoking has been in the






  2. 提出有争议性的问题,激发读者兴趣,使其积极参与讨论

  例如在写到警察是否应该持枪这篇文章时作者说 If police in the U.K. are able to go without gunsand

  not have crime getting completely out of control then they have already seta

  fine example that other countries should follow. The fact that they areable to

  do this is an indication of their ability to control the flow of guns tothe

  general populace and this makes citizens safer than anything else. To a

  civilian, taking guns away from criminals is more important than givingthem to

  police. 提出这个有争议的话题,激发读者的兴趣,使读者积极参与到讨论中来,让大家各抒己见进行讨论。

  3. 引起读者兴趣的话题

  例如在写关于体罚的话题文章时,采用这样一个开头:It is reported that a boy in Zhuhai was beatento

  death by his father on Father' Day. Ample evidence also shows that childrenwho

  are frequently abused by their parents or teachers tend to beintroverted,

  pessimistic, indifferent and even world-weary. Recently, there has arisena

  fierce argument on whether corporal punishment should be abolished.Teachers,

  parents and experts take diverse attitudes towards this


  4. 呈现该话题正反方的观点

  例如在写到男性和女性谁可以做更好的父母时可以这样开头:At the mere mention of women governing the

  world, most of us may naturally form an unrealistic picture of a morepeaceful

  world where the sun always shines. The other side of the picture, however,is

  just to the opposite.


  5. 引用名人名言、谚语等作为文章的开头

  例如在写到先天跟后天哪一个更重要时,“Genius is two percent inspiration and ninety-eight

  percent perspiration” is the opinion held by Edison. This remark hasbeen

  confirmed time and again by more and more people.


  6. 对将要讨论的话题进行定义

  例如在写到Globalization时,Globalization-the international spread of products,

  ideas and information-is bringing the world closer together. Butglobalization

  is not a new concept. For thousands of years, nations have roamed the earthin

  search of new markets and new sources of raw materials for their own



  7. 追根溯源法

  即从题目给出的话题中找出这个现象产生的原因来扩展背景句。这种方法适合大多数的话题。例如There are social, medicaland

  technical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. What forms dothey

  take? Do you a雅思e that the problems outweigh the benefits of mobilephone?

  这个题目中给出的话题是mobile phone,


  late 20th century witnessed the boom of science and technology, which gaverise

  to a series of technological innovations, including the mobile phone.

  再比如另外一道题目:Nowadays, some universities offer students skills that assist

  them to find employment, but some people believe that the main function ofa

  university should be to provide students with access to knowledge for itssake.

  What is your opinion?


  job-hunting has become one of the main purposes of university education,the

  majority of the universities tend to offer vocational trainings to preparethe

  students for their future career.





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